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Over-staffing in Brainerd

Council President Cumberland asked if I was going to inform the council, why there was overstaffing. She doesn’t think there’s any overstaffing.

City should have all necessary high tech equipment for police department, if not it should be purchased.

There are six record management staff. Eliminate two positions, reduce payroll cost $100,000.

Three employees in inspection department. Baxter has one employee, has an agreement to utilize Brainerd’s building inspectors when needed. Eliminate one position, reduce payroll cost $60,000.

For better efficiency, maintenance personnel at Parks Department and Street Department should be combined. Only one supervisor would be needed.

Taxpayers are paying personnel costs of over $50,000 to mow grass and shovel sidewalks. Hire part-time personnel for $10 to $12/hour. Outsource some street snowplowing as Baxter does. Eliminate two positions, reduce payroll costs $110,000.

Before present assistant engineer was hired, former assistant engineer was part-time engineer, part-time GIS/IT coordinator.

One engineer can design and manage $800 to one million dollars annually for street construction. Now there is a full-time assistant engineer. Estimated payroll cost $80,000. Full-time GIS/IT coordinator estimated payroll cost $70,000. Baxter has one engineer. Eliminate assistant engineer position, reduce payroll cost $80,000.

Why does the city need a payroll clerk and accountants payable clerk? There are six employees in the city administrator’s office. Couldn’t one employee handle both positions with help from the human recourses coordinator and the finance director? Perhaps the city administrator could help with the duties if there were issues with performing the required work. Eliminate accounts payable position, reduce payroll costs $50,000.

Council member Cumberland is one of six reasons there continues to be overstaffing in Brainerd’s city government.

Reduce payroll costs before increasing the tax levy.

Bob Olson


BOB Olson is a former Brainerd mayor and former Brainerd City Council member.

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