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Looking at climate change

Looking at climate change

There are some who would say that climate change is a judgment from God rather than being caused by the human abuse of the planet.

Let us just assume, for a moment, that the extreme weather across the globe is a judgment of God. If that is the case, we can be quite sure that it is not that we have been too loving, too sharing, too tolerant or too non-judgmental of other human beings.

It could be that turning our backs on those less fortunate and in need of help is the reason for some divine judgment since it breaks one of the the basic principles of almost every known religion (with the exception of the pseudo-religions of capitalism and/or libertarianism in which private ownership and money becomes God)

We (or those in control) seem to have put profit and greed above human concerns, actively exploiting people and the environment (earth, air, water) in the search of profit.

It is the hubris of wealth and power that is more likely to be the culprit than anything else.

So, if that is the case, even this scenario ultimately leads back to a human cause of climate change.

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