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Loss of freedom

Loss of freedom

I awakened this morning with a feeling of loss of freedom, my country has been taken from me. All around and in Washington I see the shadows of those who have for generations worked not for us as citizens but as pawns to the elite who actually govern from the shadows.

Why were we required to serve our country as fighting men, to serve the unrighteous, unholy government that seems to only serve the rich? Many have given their all only to return to their homes to realize that just as the Red Man, the first nations of this country, were deceived and their land taken with broken promises only to awaken to find none of it is true. Our present day politicians are no different. They serve only greed. They go to Washington to return as millionaires; their mouths stopped up by their greed.

The Cherokee were first to suffer the results of this greed and looked upon the politicians too. I have observed that you Americans more often than not choose this representative form of government. Scoundrels, thieves, liars and betrayers of those who give them their power. The blinders have been placed over our eyes and we become like a grizzly bear with no teeth or claws.

We suffer from laws that are passed to restrict us, just look at the new health care law which wants to control every breath that we take.

The Congress has always claimed to own the Indian tribes, someday they will think they own every other race in this country. We no longer condone the written word; we seem to live by the electronic media which controls our lives, making it easy for someone to exert their influence upon us. No one cares!

Daryl Bahma


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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