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I never get upset at progressive liberals for being progressive liberals. What I disagree with is their financial concepts. The reason I no longer support the Republicans is because there aren’t any real conservatives left in their mainframe, they’ve become nothing more than Democrat Lite. They’ve kept moving to the middle, which in the end is ... left. Democrats have been the people’s party, and have grown into a social issues party. We need people who’re concerned about social issues, but we cannot expect these people to also be the main financial gurus. That used to be the responsibility of Republicans.

The last true conservative president was Ronald Reagan, who handled the finances without forgetting the importance of our social programs; he even granted amnesty to illegal immigrants. Today’s Republican ideas of cutting spending is to gut social programs like a fish. I cannot support that dysfunctional thinking. “Don’t withhold good when it’s within your power to help” is a Torah concept meaning it’s right to help people, but not to impoverish yourself while doing it. Interestingly, the Republicans don’t take subsidies from corporations as a first financial step. If a business cannot support itself, it should be allowed to fail. Someone will find a profitable way and start fresh.

I cannot support the tea party either, when I saw signs saying “if you don’t work, you don’t get a vote.” They put me at odds with them. I used to work, now I don’t; I know soldiers that aren’t working either. The Republican method is like lobbing off a leg to loose weight. Yes, we need to take control of spending, but by reductions through better management while ensuring the people on programs are accommodated. They mustn’t be left hanging. Maybe what we need is a conservative Democrat party.

Steven Wolff


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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