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More cloudy reasoning

More cloudy reasoning

The guest opinion in the Dispatch, last weekend, by Dr. John Abraham in which he dissed Rolf Westgard was, in itself, in error. Abraham said that clouds are not water vapor because you can’t see water vapor.

According to Webster’s Dictionary a “vapor” is a “visible fog, mist, or steam.” Abraham was perhaps erroneously referring to water in the gaseous form when he called Rolf to task. Gaseous water, some of which is in all of our air, is invisible. Vapor is visible. Rolf, rightly called clouds a vapor.

One of the definitions of a scientist is that it is “a person that knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing”.

To Rolf’s credit he plainly said he didn’t know much about clouds. This could rightly be said about all of us, and it would be a good idea for Abraham to join us.

Frankly, I don’t know if there is man-made global warming. What I do know, is, that scientists only make a living by creating theoretical problems, and then they ask for money to study them. I wonder who is paying the salary of all of the “so called” scientists that adhere to the global warming hypothesis. My guess is that they would no longer have research funding if they didn’t say there was a “chicken little” problem.

Rolf Westgard presents very thoughtful ideas that are usually “right on.”

Chuck Hagberg


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