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Enjoy Kathio's snow

Enjoy Kathio’s snow

About 30-40 people of all ages, from elders to children maybe 8 years old, got together at the Interpretive Center at Kathio State Park (originally part of the Mille Lacs Band Reservation), south of the Grand Casino.

The occasion was a program presented by Jim Cummings and David Mather about the amazing archeological history they’ve learned about this place with the help of Dave Maki’s company, Archaeophysics LLC. Indian peoples were living here at least 9,000 years ago, or 7,000 years before the time of the Roman Caesars and Jesus, and thousands of years before the start of the Egyptian pyramids.

The love and enthusiasm Jim and David have for this work show so clearly.

They gave a short lesson in snowshoeing to young and old, and equipped everyone with loaner snowshoes. In fresh snow areas, Jim’s snowshoes would sink just a few inches into the soft fluffy snow, but then he stepped off one shoe to demonstrate the snow depth, and sank almost to his hip! Snowshoes are an ancient Indian invention. Everyone seemed to master and enjoy snowshoe walking, in spite of a soft fall now and then in the beginning.

This all reminded me of something I haven’t done in years, because our area hasn’t had enough snow. My children and I used to pack down a large area of deep snow using snowshoes, then allow it to re-freeze overnight. The next day we’d cut blocks of the semi-hardened snow using snow-shovels, and use the blocks to make forts, or igloo shaped snow dwellings, gradually sloping in to make a dome. (I’ve slept in these, they’re warm; something I learned in Boy Scouts.) Try it with your children and grandchildren to enjoy all our snow this year!

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