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The Flat Earth Society

I am a lifelong Democrat, but I am starting to lose faith as science loses ground in our D.C. administration. The latest climate scientist, Secretary of State Kerry, has labeled global warming skeptics as members of the Flat Earth Society.

Our government is spending billions trying to lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. None of their plans include unpopular but effective carbon taxes. Note Europe with high gas taxes and lower emissions.

At the same time President Obama trashes Yucca Mountain for storage of nuclear waste. Nuclear is far and away the most powerful carbon free energy source on the planet. Nuclear helps to limit CO2’s contribution to ocean acidification.

In the end much of CO2 is plant food. Trees and plants take it in and exhale the oxygen for us to breathe. We inhale the oxygen and exhale CO2 for the plants when we breathe (nearly half a ton of CO2 a year exhaled by each person). I’ll take the Flat Earth Society on this one.

Rolf Westgard

St. Paul

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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