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Rise above politics

Rise above politics

As the Olympics come to a close I think back to watching the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics. It was so nice to see all of the athletes, from all over the world introducing themselves, so full of enthusiasm and unbridled happiness. For many of them they had the love and respect of their country’s leaders who traveled there to welcome them. The athletes from the United States had people who were picked to make a political statement and their president or his higher-ups was largely absent.

Our president elected to use the Olympics to make a political statement, in a form torn from the pages of our government’s political behavioral handbook, which says you make yourself look good, by making someone else, look bad. Until this country wins back some of the respect we used to have in this world we shouldn’t be telling others how to live. Look around you at the political corruption and our dysfunctional Congress, the drug and crime problems, the immigration problems and the growing national debt. Shootings every day and everywhere. Mentally ill people going untreated. I could write a page and half about this country’s problems but I won’t.

To all of the athletes in Sochi I say this as you go on. “Rise above politics and compete with all your heart and truly may the best person win and may the others love and respect all winners in the true spirit the Olympics was meant to convey to the world because you’re all winners no matter how you finish.” To those whose only intent was to draw attention to some unrelated issue at this venue’s expense, shame on you. You’re the real loser.

Mike Holst


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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