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Politics of envy

I recently read an article titled the politics of envy. It was by a Dr. Horton he seems to believe that those who are paid poorly are envois of those who are paid more. He believes that the gap between rich and poor is good. That the increasing of the minimum wage would not help anyone that poverty was good for people it would motivate them. So I did a little research on the College that he was at. It was very revealing Grove City College was started as a Presbyterian College. It is now heavily endowed by oil rich alumni they refuse any government funds or students that have any government student loans or grants. They are under censure by the American Association of college Professors for violations of tenure and academic freedom for 50 years, this is a school that lists freedom as one of the things that the college is all about. It appears to be an extremely Right Wing oriented college which fires anyone who has views that conflict with that of the administration or the groups that provide the funds that keep it growing. It was kept open during WW2 by the Navy using it to provide training in electronics. Now it has an extreme fear of government regulations. My take on the article is that the Professor may believe what he wrote, however just because someone believes something don’t make it correct. The professor appears to be A silver spooner that has no real touch with reality. My experience is that most people are good, marketing is used to create greed, companies don’t give raises unless they have to and when you hear someone blaming someone for not making more money you need to follow the money trail it usually leads greed.

Jesse Nix


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