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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Democrats and danger

Democrats and danger

It has been said that the Democratic party is in “danger” of losing its long held control of the Senate in 2014. “Danger?” That is an interesting word to use for that statement. Some people may think it is dangerous for Senate leader Harry Reid to not allow the Senate to pass a budget for this country during the four years before this year. Others may think it is dangerous, for a Congress to vote for legislation without reading it first (Obamacare). It also may be considered dangerous for government agencies to be used to stymie opposing political voices — like the IRS and Justice Department (it was wrong when Nixon did it too). You may even consider it dangerous for elected officials to blatantly lie to the citizenry knowingly repeating over and over again, “You can keep your doctor and your health plan” and you will save up to $2,500 per family” to garner support for their ideas. For an ideologue, it is seen as dangerous to lose control of a part of government; for the rest of us it would only be seen as various degrees of disappointment, not danger. Danger is the use of government as a tool to eliminate opposing views. When will you know if you are in danger? You are in danger when you accept lies as facts and start agreeing with things that don’t make sense or are illogical as good because they fit your viewpoint, then you are in danger.

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