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Human life is sacred

Jan. 22, 1973 is when America started dying. That was the day that nine pompous judges created their own law, that it should be legal to kill unborn babies. They ruled that until they were born, that they were not considered as “persons” yet and had no protection under the law. That’s the same mentality the Nazis had when they ruled that the Jews were not considerd to be “persons”and that they should be killed. The Nazis killed over 11 million Jews. We have killed over 50 million unborn babies. Is our future going to end the same way as Nazi Germany ?

Our blood is sacred, it is what gives us Life. All human life is sacred. Jesus had to sacrifice His blood so that we could have eternal Life. Is it any wonder that God has quit blessing our country when He looks down and sees all of the Innocent blood that we are spilling because of our own selfish reasons. We are already starting to pay the price for our wickedness. Our Social Security and treasury are going bankrupt because we have 50 million less workers to contribute to it. I’ve heard endless testimonies of women that believed the lies and had abortions and are still having psychological problems because of it, decades later. There is a three times greater chance of getting breast cancer for those that have had abortions.

If we can get enough pro-life people in Congress and the White House we might still be able to remove this scourge from our once great nation and receive God’s blessings once again.

Please know what our candidates stand for before you vote this time.

Lou Heyn


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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