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If most of us were ever asked to help revise a county’s land use ordinance our likely reaction would be to run quickly in the opposite direction.

It’s an onerous, painstaking task that’s sure to rile up hard feelings among property owners who sometimes object to changes or further restrictions on their current practices.

Crow Wing County’s adoption last week of land use ordinance revisions was a big, time-consuming job. It was also an important job and one that should go a long way to preserving our county’s lake’s  water quality. For taking their responsibilities seriously and looking ahead to the future all Crow Wing County citizens owe them thanks.

The county board, which unanimously approved the revisions, the Crow Wing County Planning Commission and county personnel who worked on the project knew they would potentially antagonize some constituents. Still, it was clear to our elected officials that they had a responsibility to all county residents to make sure the land use ordinances could keep up with the development on our area lakes.

Lakes are a huge reason why Crow Wing County is gaining and not losing population. Keeping those lakes clean for swimming, fishing and boating is the key to a prosperous future. We’re fortunate we have people who are willing to work to ensure good water quality, even when it means they won’t be popular with everyone.