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Looking for a respite from news of earthquakes, war and political friction, readers often turn to the sports pages for diversion. If you’re a Minnesota sports fan ... we’re sorry about that. May we interest you in our comics page.

It’s been a March to forget for Minnesota sports fans, who were still recovering from a disastrous Vikings season. Pioneer Press sports columnist Charley Walters put it into perspective on Tuesday when he wrote that “The last victory from among the Timberwolves, Wild, University of Minnesota men’s basketball and Gophers men’s hockey teams came 18 days ago — March 11 — when the Wolves upset Utah 122-101.” Walters credited Twin Cities Stew Thornley for that depressing nugget of information. Fortunately, that string of losses was broken by a Minnesota Wild victory Tuesday night.

Combine the Minnesota sports malaise with a winter that just won’t seem to go away (Did we hear talk of snow in the forecast?) and you have the makings of a pretty depressing situation.

It looks like it’s up to the Minnesota Twins to bail us out of our early spring sports funk. There are reports that there’s actually green grass on Target Field already. The team’s pitching staff seems to be coming together. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau have been playing ball rather than nursing injuries on the bench. Thoughts of watching a competitive baseball team on a warm, sunny afternoon are about all we have to hang to for now.