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There’s more to traffic safety then just writing tickets to speeders. 

The Baxter Police Department proved it’s serious about safe rides by its exemplary efforts in the Toward Zero Deaths Challenge. They were selected by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety as the top law enforcement agency in the state for their efforts. 

Tom Kummrow of the Office of Public Safety spoke at Tuesday’s Baxter City Council meeting and commended the department for activities it conducted in 2010 including traffic safety community programs, enforcement officer training, public and media relations and presentations.  

“You guys have got a police department you can be very proud of,” Kummrow told the council. “These guys aren’t just writing tickets. Traffic safety (here) is exceptional.”

The state official also credited the support law officers received from the Baxter City Council.

The beneficiaries of the department’s traffic safety efforts live far beyond Baxter’s boundaries. For many in the Brainerd lakes area a drive through part of Baxter is a daily, workday ritual. And in the summer time, particularly, it seems as though half of the state’s population is cruising up and down Highway 371 and other busy roads.

Nice work, Baxter.