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Call it heroism or call it being in the right place at the right time. However one describes Joe Adams’ actions in the rescue of a girl from the Mississippi River, they certainly were deserving of the praise he’s received.

Adams, a Brainerd Street Department employee went into the swift-moving river June 27 to retrieve the girl after she jumped from a bridge. At Monday’s Brainerd City Council meeting Mayor James Wallin presented Adams with plaque and he received a standing ovation from council, staff and audience members.

Council President Mary Koep said there’s a special joy in pointing out the good things in the community and the citizens who step up when challenged. She’s absolutely right.

Adams’ bravery certainly fits Koep’s description of someone who stepped up when needed. And there are other, less dramatic examples of people in the  Brainerd lakes area, who agree to be accountable when a job needs to be done. These people may not always receive public acclaim but it never hurts when their acquaintances and those who benefit from their good deeds to take a little extra time to thank them for their actions.