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With about a month to go before voters decide the fate of school levy referendums in the Brainerd and the Pine River-Backus school districts the Brainerd Dispatch is going to restrict the length of letters urging residents to vote yes or vote no.

From this point until after the levy elections, letters that urge voters to cast their ballots one way or the other on the referendums will be limited to 50 words or less. This is similar to the policy we’ve followed in previous elections where endorsement letters for candidates are limited to 50 words or less.

By limiting the length of the letters we’re able to print more of them on our Commentary page. Lengthier letters on the school levies will be considered if they steer clear of advising the populace how to vote. Selected guest columns may also be considered on the issue.

Three 7 p.m. informational sessions on Brainerd’s levy referendum are scheduled for Oct. 24 at Forestview Middle School in Baxter, Oct. 27 at Brainerd High School and Nov. 1 at Nisswa Elementary School.