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Right Wing Hype

A reader opinion on May 30 contained several points that must be challenged:

Voter ID: The writer states that voter ID is a matter of honor but offers nothing to explain what he means. Contrary to the repetition of a few hyped up allegations, voter fraud is not a problem. The allegations are always made by Republicans against Democrats. On the other hand, Voter ID will reduce voter turnout of several groups of people who mostly vote Democratic.

Political perks: Contrary to the writer’s allegations, Congress has the same health care plan as all Federal employees and retirees including the writer. Its retirement package is not nearly as generous as detractors claim - the writer has a better retirement package (CSRS) than members of Congress elected after 1983. In America, Congress is the law making branch of government. It would be against the Article I of the Constitution for the President or Supreme Court to determine Congressional pay.

Entitlements for lazy cheaters: Entitlement fraud amounts to a very small share of the federal budget. Additionally, most of the fraud is by providers – not receivers.

The writer finishes with a rambling, moralistic rant full of lazy thinking. Read up on “appeal to emotion” to learn the fallacy and danger of this type of argument.

Robert Espenson


Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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