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Impeach Obama

Impeachment of president is much overdue. Many of our Congress members apparently have a yellow streak in their backbone. They need to start the impeachment process. Obama just released five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world and didn't follow the law requiring the president to inform congress at least 30 days before action. In my life of 84 years I have never had a president as anti-American as president Obama. The release of these five terrorists will cause thousands of deaths and the tough, dangerous work of our brave troops may be in vain if the terrorists are able to take over government's controls where girls cannot go to school and the women are treated like animals.

We now have a slate of candidates who might be future members of Congress. Ask each politician if they would support starting the impeachment process of Obama. If they say no or dance around the answer, ignore them and vote for ones who will support impeachment. Our country is on the edge of becoming a dictatorship aimed at destroying our constitutional republic. Our future is in the hands of our voters. Don't screw it up by the tendency to always vote in the same column.

Robert Olson

Ideal Township