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Sign ordinance violations

I am troubled that countless sign ordinance violations have been allowed in Little Falls for the past two-plus years. There is no excuse for non-uniform enforcement of any law. The city has had more than two years to investigate and force compliance of all of its local businesses. The fact that there are still numerous sign violations all over the business districts is not acceptable.

"I wonder if the council is aware that the Morrison County Record has no sign permit for the signs attached to two sides of their building? Maybe Terry Lehrke would like to explain why this is not in their building file." Robin Hensel's Public Forum comment 3-17-14.

The official newspaper of the city of Little Falls, Morrison County Record, has been non-compliant with the city sign ordinance until 6-4-14.

The MCRecord has printed numerous articles about the sign ordinance, my lawsuit, and has had a reporter at every single work session and council meeting.

The following statements are from a letter from Ben Oleson, (current Little Falls Zoning Administrator), to Tom West (General Manager/Editor MCRecord, dated April 3, 2014; "we do not have any record of the signs being properly permitted. As such, in order to be in full compliance we will need you to fill out the attached sign application form and return it to the City with the required $30 fee."

Robin Hensel

Little Falls