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Constant negativity

I was watching TV the other day. I didn't get to pick the channel, it was Fox so called news, which is really commentary. Everything had a negative twist and before long I realized that everyone watching had developed a real downer attitude, for good reason they thought they were watching real normal news.

The commentator had a very negative attitude about everything that happened. It was bad. I had listened to much of the same news earlier in in the day just as news, no pontificating commentator or pundit explaining why it was so horrible in his or her twisted opinion. Most of us are capable of understanding news and can reach a worst case scenario on our own or a best case scenario. I suspect that there is a low birth rate among the watchers of Fox's news channel as the watchers are so depressed by the constant negativity that they couldn't get in the mood for anything that might have a happy outcome.

Jesse Nix