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Roman Empire

One of the reasons the Roman Empire finally collapsed, after a 500 year reign, was because it could no longer sustain itself fiscally. In other words it went broke. And one of the reasons it went broke is because of the constant wars it had to wage to try and safeguard all of the countries it had conquered. In short it had its nose in a lot of other peoples business. The people of Rome had a belly full of their taxes going to pay for these military exploits and they rebelled. I sincerely doubt that their veterans were afforded the benefits that America's veterans get now days so maybe they were getting by cheap to tell the truth. I also doubt the Roman government had borrowed all of their elderly people's retirement funds and couldn't afford to pay it back. I also doubt very few foreign countries were lending them money to prop them up.

There are strong parallels that could be drawn between this period in history and this country today. But America's leaders are cocky people who don't believe in looking back at what destroyed other countries and taking a lesson from them. They believe that won't happen to them even though it all ready is happening. They choose to ignore history and what is now going on today, as we speak.

We had a chance 60 some years ago, when we had conquered half the world, to be the world's savior. Then we got all full of ourselves and tried to tell everybody else how to live and they rebelled. Now all that is left is for the American people to rebel and that's not far off.

"Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, it might have been, Kurt Vonnegut."

Mike Holst