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What do we cut?

Dispatch 6-12-14: "House Republican No. 2 Cantor to STEP DOWN after election shock."

His successor, Tea Partyer David Brat, pledges reducing government spending and taxes, pushes smaller government. OK. We all want that. But we, the people, decided on improving our lives, joining together forming a government accomplishing things together that's impossible individually; things making our lives better. (Hopefully instead of working 60 hours/week, we can live working 30 hours/week. Nice.)

Also on Dispatch front page, Minnesota Deptartment of Health, which tries to keep our restaurants and food clean and free of diseases, traced an outbreak of norovirus. Nasty stuff. The Rotary Club is focusing on clean water. We've learned the hard way, if we don't have government to watch who does what to our water, it can become toxic from industry and catch on fire, as it did in the Cuyahoga River in Ohio. And elsewhere. As fracking is doing now. MNSure is helping so I don't have to step over dead people on the streets.

Looking further in the Dispatch, DNR will try to cap tent caterpillar population; Cass County sheriff is doing teen emergency preparedness for disasters; Corps of Engineers is working on the Gull Recreation area; DNR is accepting property from Nature Conservancy to protect for future public use; Douglas County deputy cleared in line-of-duty shooting; Duluth School Board investigates misconduct; Cass sheriff arrests liquor store burglars; Brainerd Fire Department cancelled a 5:48 a.m. fire call; Minnesota State Patrol took care of double highway deaths; and finally the Police Blotter of all other activities.

My question for Tea Pots: which services would you cut? By how much? Be specific! Personally, I cook at home, so don't need Health Department. We could cut law enforcement drastically, as there's a few things I'd like to try getting away with.

A. Martin