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Following Jesus' teachings

Mr. Heinecke, your article in the Reader Opinion on June 6 nailed it, congratulations! May God's grace continue to guide you and your families' lives. The way I see it is that a lot of the people on the left don't want any accountability, no rules, no responsibility, no guidance just leave me alone and I will make my own way, which works for me; except if it doesn't work out then it is someone else's fault, societies fault and someone else should take care of me through some government program/be held accountable and impose more restrictions on the rest of society. Whether it's gun control, anti-Jesus Christ, food police, etc. They don't want to accept that there are negative paths in life and they can all be averted through the teachings of Jesus Christ; their motto is don't hold me accountable, just fix everything for me. I'll end this with Mr. Heinecke's point: "I'll say it again, less and less of God in society and you have less and less civility, respect for life etc. ...."

Gregg Struss