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Nolan doesn't understand vets

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan met with veterans June 13 in Little Falls and told them he received a classified brief where he was given information convincing him no U.S. soldiers were killed in attempts to rescue U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. This clashes with reports from former U.S. Army soldiers, who served with Bergdahl.

First, when did the U.S. policy of negotiating with terrorists change?

As a former U.S. service member I strongly believe in never leaving a man behind. However, we've heard from men who served with him and they describe him as a man who turned his back on his country.

We're currently seeing the errors of our ways of releasing detained terrorists as we watch Iraq fall. Do we think these "bureaucrats" as Nolan called them won't do the same?

Second, who are we to believe?

It's often said if you want to win a war leave the decision to the men and women on the ground not to the men and women in Washington. I'm going to believe the men serving with Bergdahl.

Third, Nolan wants us to wait and "Don't start judging this young man until he gets healthy."

Everyone deserves a fair and impartial trial and that's what he should get. Nolan should be leading a charge to give an investigation and trial of President Obama for his violations of the law, which required him to go through Congress. Shouldn't it be part of his obligations to ensure the laws they make are followed?

Rick Nolan continues to show he doesn't understand the issues or veterans. Service members swear their allegiance to upholding the Constitution and we're willing to trade our lives to do so. Trading any terrorist goes against that and negotiating with terrorists goes against that.

Kenneth R. Toole