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Victory in Iraq

Certain members of Congress are urging us back into Iraq. They say we left too soon after declaring victory. Define victory, if you would, and also acknowledge that we were asked to leave by the Iraqi government. Let's see if I have this right. The people, who are trying to upstage and destroy the government in Iraq right now, are the same people who were fighting to overthrow the government in Syria. Our government supplied some of their weapons, including the ones they captured in Iraq. Iran, who calls us the great Satan and told us to mind our own business in Syria, is now on the same side of the aisle as us and so is Russia. Go figure.

Similar situations exist in Egypt and Libya and several other areas. I'm not sure our government even knows who is against us and for us anymore but if we keep meddling long enough they will all be against us and then we can have the big war certain members of Congress want. Once again we will have rallies and parades, for and against the war, tearing our country apart, bodies will come back to Dover Airfield again and the American people will watch as we go farther into debt. The people who make bombs, airplanes and ammunition and give lots of campaign money to members of Congress will be the only winners of another politicians' war.

The world is turning into a tinderbox and we continue to stoke the fires. Instead of "God bless America," I would say "God help America," to get its head screwed on right.

Mike Holst