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Possible sinkhole forming

A week ago I sent an email to the city highway engineer, stating that a possible sinkhole is forming on Wright Street. Curbside by the manhole cover by the ReStore and across the street from the Armory. As far as I am aware nothing has been done with this. Just want to make the public aware of this. I will keep posting updates either way.

Now that Willow Street is done, I have a question, Was any local company asked to do the street repair? The city used a cement outfit from St. Cloud and used a paving company from Little Falls. With the city being in debt, why go out of town and contract with two outside firms? Keep the jobs local.

Now I see the city purchased the dam by the paper mill. Bad decision on their part, I have to agree with Mary Koep that's it's a disaster and a terrible mistake. Then Gary Scheeler added that there have been informal talks about a trail and visitor center. Along with that the council wants to put in a river walk. We already have a river walk, it runs along East River Road and Kiwanis Park. So my question is, has anyone done any environmental impact statement on the the river walk or the possible trail? If you start cutting down mature trees that are holding the soil there is going to an accident waiting to happen by causing erosion and possible mud slides.

My last comment is the article by Bob Olson, which I totally agree with. We need some good paying jobs in Brainerd. Anyone can walk down Front Street and Laurel Street and count the number of businesses that have been shuttered by the economy and other reasons.

Brian Bade