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Environmental hype

I must respond to the opinion article on "Cringe Worthy" by Dr. John Abraham. First of all I believe most articles written by Rolf Westgard are pretty accurate and to the point. On the other hand several articles written on climate change by environmental scientists are often way off and nothing but hype. The environmental scientists should take the time to show their global temperature projections, year by year, for the next 20 years. The last 20-year projections made the environmental scientists look like the Keystone Cops! Actual temperatures should then be monitored by a registered weather bureau so environmentalists can't fudge the numbers.

I am not an environmental scientist but have a pretty good background in engineering statistics, inspection samples and trends. I have seen nothing of the kind from the environmental scientists. It is unfounded environmental hype being conducted to project gloom and doom to assure they get government checks or grants for years to come.

Robert Olson

Ideal Township