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Cringing professor

The cringing professor (Cringe-worthy June 27) objects to my statement that CO2 doesn't cause asthma and heart attacks. He cites dangers from mold, pollen, and ozone which have nothing to do with CO2. So keep drinking that Coca-Cola; you may gain weight but you won't get asthma from the CO2.

He didn't like my reference to all of the CO2 that we inhale and exhale with each breath without harm to us. It doesn't harm the planet either.

He also claims damage to plants from CO2. He needs to tell that to greenhouse operators who pump CO2 into their greenhouses to enhance plant growth. Obviously those operators are not listening to the accurate information that this self proclaimed genius is constantly providing.

There is a saying, "When your opponent gets personal, you know that you have won."

Rolf Westgard

St Paul