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Reader Opinion: Vaping isn't smoking

The article "Baxter City Council: Baxter looks at restricting e-cigs" in the July 19 Dispatch contained information from a letter sent by area hotels to the Baxter City Council that was inaccurate. The article states, "It is well-documented that the ingredients of the oils and other chemicals used in these devices has not been studied enough to know their harm to others from the vapors emitted from the devices. It is also well-documented that not only nicotine, but controlled substances such as marijuana and hashish oils are commonly used in them."

E-cigs are not drug paraphernalia; they are a tool that helps many smokers kick the habit. Several citizens and tourists in the lakes area use them and do not do drugs. The industry is growing and currently supports four dedicated vape shops in the lakes area. Businesses that support the local economy while helping people find a healthier alternative to combustible tobacco.

The e-liquid consists of vegetable glycerin (used in foods, soaps, cosmetics, vitamins, fog machines, etc.), propylene glycol (used in foods, inhalers, vaporizers, medications, cosmetics, etc.), and flavoring. Some e-liquids also contain nicotine. Consumers can choose the nicotine level of their liquids and most gradually reduce their nicotine level once they have quit smoking.

I find it inappropriate of one industry to decide what is best for all businesses in Baxter. Each business has the right to allow or restrict the use of vaping products. Let's leave the choice to area businesses to decide what is best for their customers.

Vaping is not smoking, and shouldn't be treated as such. Numerous studies have been done that validate that vaping is safer than smoking. Too many to list in a 300 word limit opinion piece. Everyone is welcome to stop by a vape shop to learn more about vaping.

Kim Murray