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Reader Opinion: Questioning Nolan's support of veterans

I can't begin to count the number of propaganda pieces I get from Rep. Rick Nolan about how he supports Veterans, these pieces are of course paid for by taxpayers because they carefully leave out the secret words in politics, but none the less they try hard to paint the picture of him being a supporter of Veterans.

But then I saw he voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. I searched and found his statement released in mid-October where he states, "This bill robs domestic programs to pay for a slush fund." Last I checked paying for the war on terror is not a slush fund. Perhaps Rep. Nolan has missed the news coverage of the number of people having their heads cut off? But he did call the war on terror "unnecessary wars of choice in the Middle East." Then again he also thinks it's a good idea to lock-up a terrorist next to an American citizen in our prisons here in the homeland.

He seems so worried about saving money by cutting defense spending but he is right on board with sending billions to Iran.

Rep. Nolan if we are going to spend on a military why don't we make it ours and not the Iranians? The war on terror is real and we need our people prepared to fight it and we also need our allies prepared to take over the fight when the time is right.

There is plenty of waste in Washington D.C. that can be cut without having to make partisan attacks against Republicans, while claiming that is what they are doing.

Kenneth Toole


Iraq War Veteran