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Reader Opinion: Already a theocracy

Some earlier letters expressed concern that America might become a theocracy.

I submit that in one respect, America is already a theocracy which employs tight control over academia and big media.

Ponder the contents of DNA in the 5 micrometer diameter little ball (nucleus) which has far more complex computational abilities than anything IBM or Microsoft have come up with so far. This little library/control center is geared toward building, disposing/repairing, maintaining, monitoring a great multitude of little factories each packed with extremely complex molecular machines all in communication with each other and their transport systems.

Evolutionism, says that primordial slime, without the aid of outside intellectual input, got real smart and fashioned molecular systems that exceed the complexity of IBM and Microsoft's computer languages and operating systems. Evolution is religion masquerading as science. It takes a lot of "faith" to believe in that kind of "religion."

In 2010, professors J. Fodor and M. Palmarini, (self-professed atheists specializing in cognitive science) wrote "What Darwin Got Wrong." They say: "We don't know very well how evolution works. Nor did Darwin, and nor as far as we can tell, does anybody else." In reference to shutting down any opposing ideas, they said: "A view that looks to contradict it (evolution) is ipso facto rejected, however plausible it may otherwise seem. Entire departments, journals and research centers now work on this principle."

One of three statements carved in stone above the University of Minnesota's Cyrus Northup Auditorium entrance reads: "Dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth." I look forward to the day when American universities and big media will be released from the theocratic tyranny of Evolutionism's religious "thought police" so they can freely choose to comply with that statement in stone.

Phil Drietz