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Reader Opinion: When emotions are in control

Adults are often called upon to weigh in on a situation and act in some mature way.

Rational people examine the facts, details and history of the issue, and then decide where they stand.

Immature people, on the other hand, simply react. They immediately respond based on whatever makes them adequately angry, happy, whatever.

When emotions are in control, replacing reason and logic, you see some outrageous hyperbole—Nazi! Hater! Unworthy! Some-kind-of-phobe! Racist! Not a moment is spent creating a tenable position first.

Often people even try re-writing history to suit their agenda's rant.

It's sad that so many of this type are the products—or perhaps even employees of—the government education system, where history in general, and U.S. history in particular, have been ignored or re-written to mold with union ideology.

Ever wonder how we get historically incorrect tirades telling us 70,000 people died under Hitler by 1941, thus preceding the Holocaust by two years? Through not knowing history. Through emotional reactions, sans logic and reason.

Of course, this killing of the pre-chosen "unworthy" people was the Holocaust. And it began long before 1941.

Hitler's style of eugenics was inspired by Margaret Sanger's program originally called, "The Negro Project." It was intended to eradicate the black race.

Today we know it as Planned Parenthood.

Currently, these same emotionally challenged children, labeling anyone who opposes their views as Nazis, expect us to buy the notion that they are the ones who ought to be doing the choosing, and hastily condemn as haters all those resisting that notion.

Hitler, like so many tyrants, picked a scapegoat and isolated them as targets.

That sounds an awful lot like the tactics of the emotionally stunted today, swinging blindly at anyone and anything that does not agree with them.

Tony Bauer