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Reader Opinion: Difficult to avoid

In response to an April 14 Reader Opinion, there is some truth to the first sentence: "As long as we continue to have rule by the economically elite—the 1 percent—we will not have a functioning democracy," but definitely wrong to assume it applies exclusively to one political party. That 1 percent is now, and has been historically, involved in the direction or control of all of our major parties. Evidence: George Washington and many Founding Fathers were successful and wealthy men, the 1 percent of their time and, more recently, Roosevelt, both FDR and Teddy, the Kennedys, Harriman and currently the Soros and Trump families, and many many others. In defence of that 1 percent, a political party needs not only big and appealing ideas, but also big budgets to survive and thrive.

One of the president's very important responsibilities is to nominate qualified jurists to the courts. The nomination goes to the Senate where nominees are interviewed and examined, then confirmed or rejected. This is an important part of the delicate system of checks and balances designed into our Constitution. Our Constitutional Republic has survived the "court stacking" record holder, President FDR, and I'm sure it will survive President Trump.

Perhaps it's time for a third political party to enter the fray. It could represent the hard working, overburdened with taxes middle class. The independent but struggling folks who are content to work their own way but whose life goals do not include desires to amass fortunes. It takes megabucks for a political newcomer to make a splash diving into the political arena. This worthy group doesn't have megabucks, who shall we ask for some big financial help? We are right back where we started from. The influence of the 1 percent is very difficult to avoid.

Jim Perrin

Lake Hubert