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Reader Opinion: Be for humanity

Sad days, more shootings, more deaths. Violence solves nothing. It does not matter who is perpetrating the violence, there are minds that are very ill, there are minds full of hate. We need to be mindful about what we are feeding into, our culture is what we choose it to be, our history proves time and time again violence is not an answer. We really need to be willing to work together to level the playing field and recognize the diversity in which we live is here to stay. There are wretched souls in all walks of life, all races, all ethnic backgrounds and religions. That being said it does not mean we give up it means we try harder to hold on to our humanity. Congress has a job to do. I believe if they set the pace for humanity, for health care, for living wages much of the hate and fear would leave. What is going on now is not working, folks, for anyone. Please let's be for humanity in the true sense.

Deb Halsted