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Reader Opinion: Minnesota is dragging its feet

As a local citizen involved in agriculture, and in construction of pipelines, I support the Line 3 replacement project and other critical infrastructure energy transfer pipeline projects.

I know that pipelines are the cleanest, most efficient way to move a resource that for the foreseeable future is still going to fuel our economy. I've seen the devastating harm to our farmers when we delay permitting of critical pipelines forcing the oil that is going to be shipped to be sent on trains that leave commodities. I've also seen the care, and latest technology of the awesome workers creating and placing pipelines to move North American oil.

Why, if this is so important, am I not there? Like so many hard-working Minnesotans, I have a job and sometimes the time just doesn't allow me to spend the time at a public hearing. But on top of that, I'm actually in Ohio right now, building a pipeline.

While Minnesota drags its feet on all sorts of really important projects, states around us are responsibly permitting these projects. I'm surrounded in Ohio right now with Minnesotans who are here earning a living and feeding their families rather than being at home building the critical infrastructure that is constantly being delayed.

My public comment is the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project will be better for the environment than not permitting it. Enbridge takes great care to be a responsible neighbor and the Line 3 replacement will be constructed by many of your neighbors with the most current technology to protect our awesome countryside and waterways. I hope our state does the right thing and permits the Line 3 replacement project efficiently and quickly so my colleagues and I can get back to work in Minnesota.

Mike Sams

Central Lakes College — Heavy equipment instructor

Cass County Farm Bureau President