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A black owner of an NFL team fires a white coach and replaces him with a black coach. The Dispatch headlines "Fading To Darkness" on a black page with white print. I think this may have been a bit inappropriate in presentation. Yes, the Vikings may have needed a coaching change. But, come on guys, is this really the way you think the story should have been set up?

Editor's note: Zygi Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings, is not black.

No work, no pay

After reading the Dispatch on Thanksgiving Day, it stated that many of the local and state government offices would be closed on Friday. I'm curious if our loyal government employees are paid for Friday, unlike the non-government employees. No work no pay same as this year when the Fourth of July fell on a Sunday, government employees were off on Monday the 5th. Why is this? When are we going to wake up and realize that the no work no production, but they still get paid for the day, is what keeps us going backwards?

Salvation Army bell ringing

In the Thanksgiving Day Dispatch, I cannot believe someone would complain about the Salvation Army giving a person a job. The Salvation Army spends less per dollar on salary than the Red Cross or United Way. Compare the salaries of similar local and national positions and see where your donations really go. This would be a good story for the Dispatch to follow up on and post the salaries of the local leaders. I would bet the Salvation Army would be the only one to comply. The Salvation Army does not waste money on year-round advertising either.

Not enough volunteers

Regarding the information about the Salvation Army paying people to man the kettles, what do you expect them to do? Have you or your friends or family signed up to put in a few hours standing outside in the cold to man a kettle? If they could find enough volunteers they would not have to pay someone. I am sure the people who do this job make a minimum wage or less. Would you do it? Some of the problem lies with merchants who will not let the people stand inside their store so they can keep warm.

Bus stop safety for parents?

During our ice storm last week, there were kids waiting at the bus stop with parents sitting in their cars. It was slippery, so it didn't matter how slow you were driving, you still seemed to slip. One of the kids thought it would be funny to pretend to run out in front of me and instead slipped and fell and almost went under my van! If that was my child, I would hope someone would say something. Do we need to teach our children more bus stop safety rules or maybe the parents need it too?

Bulldog coverage wanted

Please cover the University of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs men's hockey games. They are now rated No. 1 in the whole nation and do not seem to get the coverage they should in the Brainerd Dispatch. UMD has had so many Brainerd area students that I feel that their Bulldogs should be recognized in the local paper. Please, we, your readers, want to see their game summaries every week in our sports section. Thank you.

Why won't they do something?

I'd just like to know why, if people's houses are burglarized, the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department doesn't seem to want to do anything about it, even if the criminal himself admitted to doing it?

BPU issues should be addressed

It's the day after Thanksgiving, and once again, the lights are out in this section of Brainerd. Once again, you're unable to locate Brainerd Public Utilities to find out what the problem is, if it is indeed just your house or when it might be resolved. Can't even leave a message. Mailbox is full. You'd assume they'd have something pre-programmed to at least let you know there is a problem and they're working on it. For a public service, this is not very public, or much of a service at this point. I think these issues should be addressed.

What a thrill

I was at Walmart checking out and a lady in front of me had two beautiful fall bouquets in her cart. As she left, she put one of those bouquets in my cart and said, "Happy holidays!" and left. How about that? What a thrill and what a joy. Thank you.


On Thanksgiving night, a Brainerd Police officer was at SA. My son drives by with a taillight that jiggles off and on because I can't figure out how to get it in there tight. He's already been warned last week about it. He pulls him over. He finds out his driver's license, going from a student to an adult, is about three weeks overdue. He got a $178 ticket. I drive through the city of Brainerd and see many people with overdue tabs. Tell me the justice here. Profiling.

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