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Get out and check the possibilities

If anyone needs a job, they should check out all the ads around town and in the newspapers. They need to get out and check out the possibilities and not wait for their unemployment checks.

A note to Brainerd

Dear Brainerd, I was just wondering if Third Avenue has become a rural area? First we don't have half the lights we used to so our road is pitch black at night and second, we have not seen a snow plow this year. Is this road becoming a minimum maintenance road?

Judging hockey players

BHS hockey players appear to BE judged not by what they bring to the ice when the first hockey practice starts but by how much off-season hockey they play and how much money their parents put into camps. Where does this leave the three-sport athlete with a modest family income?

Act of kindness on Highway 18

Our son came home for Thanksgiving. On his way on Highway 18, he suddenly hit an icy spot and slid all over and landed in the ditch. A man saw this happen, stopped his car and asked him if he could help. Our son said he had four-wheel drive and was sure he could get out but that man stayed there all the time just in case. Wow. Thank you, sir, for your kindness.

Profiling is lame excuse

Regarding the Vox Pop in Tuesday's paper about profiling, how do you figure it's profiling if the police officer was doing his job? Was it profiling because the guy was a student, because he didn't get his tail light fixed correctly? Seems like a pretty lame excuse - profiling.

Proposed Pequot referendum

I cannot believe that any school board is asking for a 23-and-a-half year school bond. We don't even know if the economy is going to recover next year. In 10 years, what will it be? Twenty-three and a half year referendum? The taxpayers cannot afford that.

Son profiled himself

To the person complaining about profiling, it seems to me that with your son's knowledge that he already had a tail light wiggling off and on, he profiled himself. All the police officer was doing was bringing it to his attention and notifying him that it needed to be fixed. If you look over the amount of tickets written they can't be every place at one time. I hope you have a good day and you were smiling when you paid the ticket.

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