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I just received my property tax statement for next May. Property value down but property taxes up. Typical in this society. While we live on less and less the government confiscates more and more. I think it is time for them to learn to do with less.

Earning the privilege to play

As a local multi-sport athlete, and someone who comes from a family with modest income, I personally have seen what it takes to be a varsity player. When it comes to camps there are many ways of getting around the fee. Many work at the camp which takes away any cost for attendance. High school sports, contrary to popular belief, involve dedication, not money. The "Warrior Way" is a way of work ethic and dedication. Players earn the privilege to play in the game. They do not earn the right to play just because they paid the fees.

No way, no how

What's all of this talk of gays in the military and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy? Is the military trying to recruit a bunch of gays now? I was going to enlist, but not now. I have a policy; it's called "no way, no how!"

Society shouldn't accept homosexual lifestyle

So being gay just "happens" like being left-handed? OK, let's say for the sake of argument that certain individuals are predisposed to homosexual urges. That is not the point. The point is, those urges do not need to be (and should not be) acted upon. With support, counseling, and most importantly, prayer, it is possible for individuals with such urges to be a part of normal, healthy heterosexual relationships, as God intended. I have personally witnessed such transformations. Just because Hollywood accepts homosexuality as a valid lifestyle choice doesn't mean the rest of society should.

If you have time to wander, volunteer

I find it hard to believe that someone would call the fire department and police that someone started a fire burning down a mail box. Do some people have nothing better to do than just call about things that make no sense? How many grass fires do you see in December with 2-plus inches of snow on the ground? If you have that much time to wander around and put your nose in other people's business, why not take time to volunteer? I myself put extra hours at the Arb and we could always use help.

Hockey coaches could learn something

The Brainerd hockey players who spend the off-season at hockey camps and at the arena should be commended for their commitment to the sport. There are others who choose to split their time between two or three sports. They should be valued by their hockey coaches too, but aren't. Warrior football, for example, provides kids with intense athletic conditioning leading right up to the hockey season. It's interesting that the football coaches never tell a kid not to play other sports, yet they maintain a top-notch program. The hockey coaches could learn something from them.

No such thing

This town has a lot of signs to remove because there is no such thing as a snow route.

Can I fine the city?

Dear "Keep your sidewalks shoveled," if the city can fine me for not shoveling can I fine them for not plowing and get some of my money back?

Madrigal magic

We attended the Madrigal Christmas performance put on by the BHS A Capella and Windfall Choirs on Thursday night at the Legacy. What a performance. I can see why this performance has been such a hit in other communities. The students did an unbelievable job under the direction of Brian Stubbs. I'm proud of the talented youth we have here. When you see the press release for the performance next year, get your ticket right away. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Brian Stubbs for the idea and all the legwork. Thanks school board for your support of the music program.

Great job on snow removal

A great big thank you to the city of Brainerd for being on top of the snow removal this past weekend. It is so wonderful to have a great city that wants to go out and keep our streets safe and clean so it's already to go in case we get a snow storm over the weekend so the kids and buses and so on and so forth can get everywhere they need to go. Once again, I'd like to tip my hat off to the city of Brainerd for being on top of the snow removal process this weekend.

Cutting the deficit

Government wants to cut the deficit by making Social Security harder to access, cutting poor programs, maybe not giving unemployment benefits, etc. Why not cut other countries' benefits such as Afghanistan and Iraq? Cut all military help to other countries and welfare instead of cutting this country's benefits to balance the budget. People making decisions need their heads examined.

Snowmobiles in town

Does anyone enforce the rules about snowmobiles in the town of Brainerd? I see them perpetually when there is snow on the ground, up and down Willow and Oak streets, day, night and afternoon. I thought there were rules in Brainerd about riding snowmobiles in town but apparently not or else they're not enforced.

Diverse, liberal and pagan

What is the meaning of Christmas for people who cross Christ off and say "X-mas" like the sign at Central Lakes College? This is the same college that thought "The Vagina Monologues" was art. Enough said.

Hot pants?

Regarding the new cigarette wanted Vox Pop in Sunday's paper, you must think you have hot pants. Have you ever considered quitting smoking?

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