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Vox Pop

Don't like new web layout

I don't like the new layout (for the online Dispatch)! It's too hard to read and find what I'm looking for! Please change it back and, for crying out loud, why change what's working fine?

What's a hipster?

Being a hipster at Brainerd High School can be very difficult sometimes. People are always asking me "What exactly is a hipster?" It is a very hard question to answer. Well, I have come up with my Ten Commandments of Being A Hipster to help inform the great people of this town. Number One: Never be a try-hard! Number Two: That's it. I hope this can shed some light on the hipster community in Brainerd. By the way I am the only hipster in Brainerd that I know of.

Perkins bill was paid

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were dining at Perkins in Brainerd. We struck up a conversation with a young couple sitting across from us. We mentioned to them it was the 55th anniversary of our blind date, when we first met, Dec. 2, 1955. They finished their meal and left. Our waitress came over to our table and informed us that nice couple paid our bill. God's blessings to that couple in this holiday season.

Leave kids at home if they misbehave

The Legacy Christmas concert was fantastic. The work that goes into the production must be phenomenal. Next time, leave your children at home if they can't behave. The first clue should be that there aren't any children's tickets, just adults.

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