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Vox Pop

In agreement regarding tips

I am 100 percent in agreement with the server who is in the business of bar/restaurant stating that service was good then of course, a person should tip. If service is poor, there should be no tip expected for merely doing your job. If you don't like your job, perhaps you should look for another one, possibly obtaining some further education so you don't need to work as a bartender/server/restaurant worker. A tip is for service over and above what is absolutely required.

Shame on you

Shame on that person who dropped the cat off by County Road 9. Now that cat doesn't have any ears. Shame on you.

Bartending days are done

Bartender, you only do 3.3 percent of work and that is the truth. I know who you are. I will not tip you any more. Your days behind the bar are done.

Editor's note: The Vox Pop Department of Auld Lang Syne says, "Happy New Year to you, too."

Our livelihood

Why is the planning committee given the power to take away people's livelihood? Who do they think they are? I am 73 years old and receive $300 a month Social Security. I own my own home and rent a two-bedroom apartment above my living quarters. You are now telling me I have to let the apartment sit there vacant. This apartment is licensed and inspected every year. There is no way I could pay property taxes, rental taxes and utilities on $300 a month.

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