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Vox Pop

You don't know me

Let me get this straight. You sit at a bar doing nothing and critique the quality of work of the staff. Do you think just because you drink and gamble there that this place is your kingdom? It sounds like you should rethink how you are spending your time and money and ask yourself if how you are living now is really making you happy. I think your days sitting at the bar should be over. If you think you know who I am, you are wrong; I avoid people like you.

Owner looking for missing no-eared cat

I live on County Road 25 not far from County Road 9. I had a gray cat with no ears that went missing roughly 3-4 weeks ago and I'm hoping that the person who wrote in the Vox Pop on Thursday could let the Dispatch know if that is my cat.

Editor's note: The cat in the earlier Vox Pop found with no ears on County Road 9 was not this pet owner's cat. Unfortunately, there appears to be more than one cat going through life without benefit of its ears.

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