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Vox Pop

God bless the teens

The teenagers in this town are always getting a bad rap. At 8:30 a.m. I had five teenagers come over to my house and they said for the price of a hot chocolate they would shovel my entire driveway. I'm elderly and have a hard time getting out to shovel. Thank you so much. Not at all the teenagers in this town are bad. God bless them all.


Ice-packed roads and idiot cell phone drivers, you are going to kill someone.

Why the shoveling ordinance?

I was just wondering why there is a city ordinance that says I have to be out within 24-36 hours and shovel and clear my sidewalk, however the city of Brainerd and the county of Crow Wing do not have to plow or remove snow for three days? Intersections and streets are slippery and then everybody else shovels out and you come back and plow everyone in. Good job, Brainerd.

Get a clue

Bartender, you should have been on "Blue's Clues" to learn how to get a clue. Ninety percent of your patrons don't have anything to do but critique. No wonder you're not getting any tips. You're the only one avoiding the patrons. You should be lucky you have a job. Shame on you.

Worst snow removal ever

I've traveled all of North America and without a doubt, the worst snow removal on this entire planet, is Brainerd, Minn. This is unbelievable.

Where's the sand?

Overall I think that with the last snow and ice the cities of Brainerd and Baxter did a pretty good job however is there some reason why they couldn't have come back again Sunday and Monday and thrown sand at some of the intersections? I understand salt and other chemicals won't work in the cold but some sand or grit would go a long way at the intersection to make it easier to drive.

Road to destruction

I have been studying the barbarians and I see their talk and way of life was exactly what we see today in our books, movies, TV and definitely in all of our high tech "must haves" like computers, cell phones, cameras, iPads, iPods, XYZ boxes, Wees and iMacs and myselfs attitudes. It seems the smarter we get the more barbarian we become in our filthy talk and actions. This nation is on the road to destruction and soon. What would our forefathers think?

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