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Vox Pop

Mailbox was fixed

Thank you for fixing the mailbox. After finding out who to contact from the Merrifield Marathons group, the mail box was fixed. Thank you to Don Bammann and the fellow from the custom built furniture store.

Making students feel like failures

Someone please help me understand the common sense in an educational system that will waste the time of over 400 students so they can all be tested for the gifted program. Thus far, less than 30 students per class qualify and you may gain, what? Five? This is another way to make students who most need class time lose out. Not only that, but it is another chance for this district to make those students feel like failures.

Live with your guilty conscience

Now we hear how bad the drug fluoride is for us. Hopefully we will not have to have forced fluoride anymore. This should never have happened to anyone. Something forced and now finding out how bad it is for us. Some people should have a guilty conscience. Live with it.

The groomer

The groomer has not only knocked down mailboxes but it has also taken out some address signs which are kind of important if you do have a fire or emergency and they've been filling in every driveway end up and down County Road 3 and 19. Why do we snowblow our driveways so the groomer can fill it back in? Why are we even grooming ditches? That's got to be the height of stupidity.

Contributor was right on

Kudos to the Vox Pop contributor who commented on the roads and paying taxes. Those citizens who are opposed to any increases in taxes are going to have a lot to complain about in the upcoming months. That person was right on about what they said. Thank you.

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