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Vox Pop - Jan. 18

Plow the public roads

I would think as happy as the city is to fine people for not shoveling sidewalks that the city would be on top of snow plowing, wouldn’t you? However, after more snow, we go another weekend of traffic on unplowed roads which makes more compacted snow into ice. So now we get another cold snap where salt and sand will not do anything to help with the slippery conditions. 

We pay taxes so you can plow the public roads. The sidewalks are public. I say nobody shovel the sidewalks until the roads are plowed in front of your house. 

Overhead signs are needed

I’m traveling by the old Penney’s on Highway 3 and 25, (Highway) 3 going north to Merrifield, and I’m coming from the south going north on 25 and  There are  no overhead signs that tell us which lane you should be in. Now I know it’s on the road but when the road is covered with snow you obviously can’t see that. So it would be nice for the DOT to read this and put some kind of signs overhead so people know which is the turn lane and which is the straight lane, etc.

Shake, shovel and shiver

We are left to shovel, shake and shiver as global warming fails to deliver.

Plowing county roads

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we, next season, contract out to some of the very good companies that we have in the area and get them to plow our county roads as soon as it is needed, not when the 9 to 5 schedule dictates. These are the worst roads I’ve ever seen in this county and if there isn’t a better way of doing it then just shut it down and let us drive on the snow. 

Is there a correlation?

The day the Dispatch printed the article on PORT our local talk radio station interviewed Teen Challenge and this set me to wondering. Is there a correlation between Teen Challenge coming to town and PORT’s dwindling numbers?

Update TV Week

Why doesn’t the Brainerd Dispatch have their own TV Week or update the present TV Week. We would like to know what channel OWN is on. Have a good day.

Tired of Haiti

After reading this weekend’s edition of the Dispatch I must say I am sick of hearing about Haiti. It’s been over a year now. Get over it. If you need a feel-good cause there are a lot of them in this country and closer to home.

Twenty percent cut?

Once again on this holiday all government agencies, from local to federal, have proved they only need to work four days a week. Why don’t we, in this tough government economy, cut all departments 20 percent. You can schedule some Monday through Thursday and some Tuesday through Friday. But we prove, at least nine times a year, we don’t need a five-day work week for government employees. They can do it very well in four. I didn’t miss anything today.

Thoughtful hockey players

A very special thank you to each and every person, and their have been many, that have offered to help me walk on snow and ice. I didn’t know so many kind, respectful people existed. I walk with a cane and can’t stay home forever. I was trying to cross a local restaurant parking lot when a lady from North Dakota in a van full of hockey players, stopped, got out to help me to my car. What a wonderful example of respect for her children. Thanks again, you restored my faith in mankind.

Don’t be too serious

You’re born broke and you die broke. Don’t take the time in between too seriously. 

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