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Vox Pop — Jan. 23

99 problems

Our nation is $14 trillion in debt and has 9 percent unemployment; we live in a world where the median income is $850 per year. There are many things that could be better, yet there are so many things that could be worse. If you're having road problems I feel bad for you, son; I got 99 problems but a road ain't one.

Crime in Brainerd

What gives with crime in Brainerd? My husband's small business was burglarized again. Neither crime made the police blotter section of the paper and neither crime was solved. The last crime involved $6,000 dollars worth of inventory (two used vehicles.) The citizens of Brainerd need to know that vehicles are being stolen so they can take preventive action. If they can steal from my husband's business, they can steal from you. In addition, small businesses cannot afford to be continual victims of crimes.

Go south

I'm sick of all the complaining about the roads. They do the best they can. This is Minnesota in the middle of winter. If you can't deal with it, go south.

Dewing Highway

After driving home from work on Tuesday evening on County Road 2, I drove on 3 inches of snow on the centerline and 3-4 inches of snow on the shoulder of the road up to the right wheel of my truck. What do you people do all day, shake dice or play cards all day? Don't human lives mean anything to you people?

No complaints here!

What a delight. On my way to work this morning, I stopped at The Corner Store Express. I was hungry and I was surprised they have hot food now. Bought a breakfast sandwich; it was so good I called back to tell them. I am busy doing chores in the morning so no time to eat. What a nice group of workers at the store.

Bare bones minimum

The only way the economy is going to continue to get better is if at least some members of society have a little bit more money to spend. For the Dispatch to condemn city council for considering a 1 percent wage increase for city employees is irresponsible. One percent is bare bones minimum and these folks deserve it for the extra workload they've picked up with all the folks who have not been replaced when they retired.

Slow down and move over

People, this is winter in Minnesota. No one wants to pay more taxes but they want the snow and ice gone from the roads. Let the engineer do his job; he does it so well and tries to keep the cost down, still trying to keep the roads safe. Slow down. You won't be running yellow lights or sliding into the intersections if you slow down. It is also very sad to read how close drivers are to tow trucks or the emergency personnel. Again, slow down and move over.

What's the fuss about?

Why all the fuss about fluoride? I'm 96 years old. I have never been poisoned and I still have my own teeth.

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