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VOX POP - Feb. 1

Forgotten decorations?

Maybe the city should take down the Christmas decorations on Sixth Street instead of having them on still and it is the end of January! Did they forget?

Go hike, snowshoe or ski at the arb

It was really refreshing to see the Canadian Rockies and read about hiking in those beautiful mountains. It so inspired me that I went to the woods and I hope that other folks locally will hike, snowshoe or ski at the Northland Arboretum.

Leave water tower alone

Putting a fish tail out of the historic water tower would be the worst thing you could ever do in the city's existence other than burning the tower down itself. Why not just put a tie-dyed T-shirt on Abe Lincoln's statue? It's absolutely ridiculous and ugly. I can't even think that any city planner would go for that. It's a historic monument. Leave it that way.

Snowmobiles in town

Once again, it's 11 p.m. on Friday night. Snowmobiles are running up and down Willow Street. Where are the police who generally are sitting at the SuperAmerica on the corner of Sixth and Willow? Why is this allowed to continue to happen? Why is nobody enforcing the laws against snowmobile riding in town?

Why WalleyeDan?

I'm calling in regard to the Sunday edition of the Brainerd Dispatch. It has to do with the outdoors section. I'm just wondering about WalleyeDan. The article he wrote must have taken two minutes to write, has no substance, has no regard for anyone improving their outdoor situation. Let's bring back someone like Hiking with Hal. I hope our new editor, Mr. Bogenschutz, will consider why you have WalleyeDan in the paper?

Editor's note: Tim Bogenschutz is the Brainerd Dispatch's new publisher, not editor. The old editor, Roy Miller, figures we should put a picture of Walleye Dan chasing a walleye on top of the water tower.

Regarding beer at the Crow Wing County Fair

I would love to have beer there. The alcoholics that have gone through treatment and we see the medallions, for some reason, think they have been elevated to sainthood and that nobody should be allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages. A lot of people can drink in moderation. I have said for a long time we have a very fine fair and the only thing that would make it better is to have beer.

Beer at the fair

Beer sales should be approved for the fair. Some disagree fearing intoxicated fairgoers will drive, potentially killing somebody. Certainly possible and indeed a worthy concern; however, it's just as likely to happen to bar patrons. You'll never stop people from drinking and driving; you can only hope to minimize the occurrences. So, maybe if people drink at the fair becoming intoxicated in front of the many other people, authorities could more likely be informed and stop him/her before vehicle operation. Chances are better of this happening at the fair, then say, a downtown bar with fewer observers.

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