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Vox Pop - Feb. 17

Extra traction?

Attention, plow warriors: Weren’t we waiting for warm weather to plow up the loose ice and slush? That would be now. It’s about 6 inches deep here on Graydon. It’s going to freeze like this Friday. Maybe you’ll leave it for the extra traction.

Labeling schizophrenics

The financial health of Crow Wing County relies on how many people it can label as schizophrenics and put away in their multi-million dollar group home business.

A broader brush

When are our state’s Republican legislators going to get it? Taxpayers understand that their claims of no new taxes simply mean that local government agencies are going to need to raise taxes at the local level. While state taxes have remained basically flat, local taxes have gone up significantly. We understand that and there would be much better buying power for the buck if the state would do its job and raise taxes where services could be provided with a broader brush.

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