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Vox Pop

God only one who tells the truth

The government doesn’t, the oil companies don’t, the pharmaceutical companies doesn’t, insurance companies don’t, the financial industry doesn’t, FDA doesn’t, lawyers don’t, politicians don’t, the media doesn’t, doctors don’t, hospitals don’t, automobile dealers don’t, 99.9 percent of religion doesn’t, who does then? The only person in the entire universe that tells us the truth is God, and you can find this truth in His word — the Bible.  

Build on the foundation

Why would you think it’s ironic for the schools to eliminate President’s Day and MLK day, when we can’t even celebrate Christmas or Easter any more? When you take God out of the schools the presidents and other great (wo)men might as well go too! I suggest we let them all back in and build on the foundation this country was built on!

Not a teacher, but a dad

A Vox Pop writer posted what seems to be popular opinion regarding teachers and teachers’ pay. The writer seems to think anyone off the street can be a teacher. Nonsense. Teachers are and must be highly trained professionals; they deserve a professional salary. The writer and many other people seem to think “cheaper is better.” That approach may be fine for toothpaste and diapers, but it doesn’t work for schools. We should always look for savings, but I want my kids taught by skilled professionals. I don’t want the cheapest; I want quality. I’m not a teacher. I’m a dad.

Cheery Valentines come in many forms

I was grocery shopping that day at Super One and my favorite pair of driving gloves slid out of my coat pocket. I was so pleased to retrieve them a few days later in the lost and found section. Minnesota Nice is still alive and well. Thanks to my unknown friend!

Out of touch

Oh my goodness! The Brainerd School Board and administration is so out of touch with the community if they think there’s a chance a referendum could pass, they are even more out of touch than I realize because there isn’t a chance for that.

Proud to be from Brainerd

I attended my grandson’s basketball game at Forestview. There were teams from all over the state. I was surprised that there were four games going on all at once. What a great atmosphere in a first-rate facility. I was proud to be from Brainerd. This tournament went on all weekend. I overheard a fan say the closest room they could find was in Deerwood. The girls’ tournament last weekend attracted even more teams. What a huge economic impact these tournaments must have had on the local economy. Thanks Brainerd Basketball Association for your hard work hosting this event.

Cheeseburger Bill is great

I just want to say that I completely agree with the cheeseburger bill. I love eating fast food but I’m aware it’s possibly going to make me fat and I shouldn’t be able to sue a fast food company because I got fat from eating their food so I think the cheeseburger bill is a great thing.

Very childish

After reading “Unfair County Bus” in the Sunday paper, I realized just how petty people can be. It sounds like children telling their mother he/she got more than I did or he did this or she did that. How petty. They need to grow up.

Kool-Aid stands coming to Brainerd?

All one has to do is drive from 371/210 and go north. You’ll see quite a few business properties for sale! They went out of business because their economy caused them to give up. What a joke to say that we’ve been in recovery since 2009. And we’re supposed to be so stupid that we believe it, right? When gas hits $4 a gallon, what do you think will happen: BLADC will be on the verge of offering Kool-Aid stands as a new business for the area!

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