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Vox Pop - March 6

Early out on Fridays?

I am wondering why the Brainerd School District has two early outs and a week of vacation all in the month of March? Why can’t the early outs be on Fridays so plans can be made for — oh, maybe a family weekend?

Anti-racism workshop

Don’t blame clergy, local officials or youths for poor attendance. Take the hint. We understand racism, hate crimes and prejudice in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s. We get it. Get off it. The lily white liberals in their glass houses are so blinded in their witch hunt for a sacrificial lamb, their whining rhetoric bores me.

Many questions

The school principal used to be responsible for discipline — why do we need a police car almost each and every day? The station is 5 minutes away. What is the job description of District 181 principals? Elementary and secondary? How many do we have? 

Others people might want to be heard

Why was Rep. Ward’s latest flyer asking for input from his constituents placed in the Dispatch? What about the constituents that don’t get the newspaper? Do their voices not count or is this a cost-saving measure as opposed to putting them in every mailbox in the district? There are probably other voices that would want to be heard other than those getting the paper. I appreciate the effort from Rep. Ward and the questions are very good and to the point but I think there are other people who might want to be heard.

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