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Vox Pop - March 8

Eliminate extra programs

We must go back to educational programs only in our school system. By eliminating all extra programs and sports we could save tens of thousands of dollars. Boys’ football, boys’ basketball and band only are all we need, period. This policy will also end referendum after referendum that taxpayers cannot afford.

Think about the families

I agree with the person regarding early-outs on Fridays. I’ve thought that so many times. Why is it in the middle of the week? Why not on a Friday so that families can go on a little short vacation or visit relatives? With all the school activities that put a crunch on family life, I think the school should do this for families.

Interesting practice, Dispatch

Why is it when a teacher is involved in an accident or mishap or something, their occupation is prominently displayed in the Dispatch? I can’t recall other accident victims having their occupation listed in the paper. Seems like an interesting practice on the part of the Dispatch.

Editor’s note: Interesting question, too. “Teacher” becomes part of the headline because of the number of people who know teachers in the community and we figure readers want to be informed when something happens to people they know.


Why does Brainerd get the forecast but never the forecast the forecast forecasts?

Apartment buildings need closer look

It’s about time that Brainerd takes a real good look at the apartment buildings because some of them just do the bare minimum to pass inspection and they need a more thorough investigation.

Thank you

I would like to thank the lady who found my birthstone ring at the BN Credit Union annual meeting. I called Mark Prince when I got home and told him I had lost it and he said he already had it. A lady had turned it in before leaving the meeting. I had my ring back the following Monday. Thanks again, ma’am.

Thanks for the help

I wanted to thank the employees and patrons of Mills Fleet Farm and to the ambulance team for helping out during a medical emergency on Friday night. One of you called 911 within seconds and at least three first responders came to help within two minutes. In addition, at least two others prayed over my daughter during this time. Our family is truly thankful for everyone who helped that night!

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